What is a Heat Pump

If you’re looking at buying a new HVAC system, you may have come across a product called a heat pump. So, what is a heat pump? A heat pump is a system that can provide both cooling and heating. An air conditioner can only provide cooling, and a furnace can only heat. However, a heat […]

The Link Between HVAC and Sick Days

With Fall nearly upon us, it’s about time for scarves, soups, and… sick days. Everyone has experienced a bug going around the office. Did you know that an uptick in sick days could be related to your HVAC system? It’s true. When there is a properly-maintained indoor air quality system installed, the number of allergens […]

Man laying on couch inside a home with text, "How to stay cool in LA this summer"

Through most of the year, we get beautiful weather in southern California. But occasionally during the summer in LA, we’ll get a hot and sticky day that has you searching for excuses to stay indoors. So, we put together this guide of indoor activities to help you stay cool in LA this summer. 1 – […]

Air conditioning units with a banner text station Customers Ask, Can I cover my HVAC Unit?

Our customers in Los Angeles, California sometimes ask this question: Can I cover up an HVAC outdoor unit? Reasons you might want to cover your HVAC Unit If this is something you’ve never even considered, then the question may puzzle you. Perhaps you’ve never set foot to look at your outdoor system. However, there are […]

Man with questioning look, with text stating What is SEER?

While you are shopping for a new HVAC system, you have to become a quick learner of HVAC jargon. There are a lot of terms and abbreviations that you may not be familiar with. One of the most frequently asked questions about air conditioners is about SEER. What is SEER? Why is SEER important? Should […]

Title banner with text saying How do I know what size AC I need?

When you are thinking about buying a new HVAC system, an important consideration is the sizes of available equipment. Just think: this new cooling and heating system will be serving your home for ten years or longer. It’s important to get this right! For cooling and heating systems, it’s important to get the right size […]

Replace AC and Furnace at the Same Time

Sometimes, all the home repairs come at once. Although it can be a headache to deal with multiple repairs – especially in Los Angeles – there are some advantages. For example, you can look at solutions that otherwise wouldn’t have been feasible. So when it comes to HVAC sometimes customers ask, is it a good […]

HVAC Rebates - how do they work exactly?

When making a major home repair, one way you might look to save money is by using rebates. When in comes to heating and cooling, there are many rebates for air conditioner available to help make purchases more affordable. So, what are rebates? Rebates are a post-purchase discount. That means you don’t receive the discount […]

Should I Set Back the Temperature?

If you get sticker shock each month when you see your energy bill, you may be looking for ways to save energy around the house. Here’s a common question our customers ask: “Should I set back the temperature when I leave my house?” After all, most people turn off lights and water when they aren’t […]

HVAC Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! And you know what that means: spring cleaning. There are plenty of excellent tips on deep cleaning your home, but what about spring cleaning for your HVAC? Here’s three things you can add to your deep cleaning checklist: 1. Replace air filters Be sure you replace your HVAC filter this spring! Consider […]