Set along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach is a classic California beach town with character and charm to spare. Though it isn’t far from the crowds of Los Angeles, many of the issues that make life in the city difficult don’t exist in this beach haven. Walking down the Strand, you can feel the sea breeze on your face and hear the waves crashing instead of the sounds of traffic and road work.

There’s no smog here, and the hottest days are moderated by the cool winds coming off the ocean. When the sun goes down, locals and tourists alike hit the Hermosa Beach Pier to eat fresh seafood, hear live music, party all night and watch the sun rise over the sand the next day.

Need AC Repair & Installation Hermosa Beach?

The only thing that might spoil your fun in this pretty little city by the water is a non-functioning HVAC unit. When temperatures spike and the wind isn’t enough to cool you off, proper air conditioning becomes a necessity. There can even be the surprising snap of cold in the winter that makes you turn the heat on.

If you’re having trouble getting your air conditioner to keep your home at the temperature where you feel comfortable, Brody Pennell Heating and Air Conditioning can help. Our HVAC technicians can provide AC Repair & Installation Hermosa Beach that keeps your heat and air conditioning working all year round.