If you’ve been putting off buying a new HVAC unit or maintaining your current unit because you just can’t afford it, fall is the right time to finally buy a new heating and cooling systems. Many companies offer cash back rebates and incentives to encourage you to purchase a new system or keep your current unit as efficient as possible.

If you want to get the best deal on a brand new HVAC system, you’ve come to the right place. Brody Pennell is currently offering a variety of current specials and rebates that are perfect for smart shoppers who want to purchase a new heating and cooling system while taking the opportunity to save big. Below are some details on our latest and greatest HVAC rebates and deals.

How Do HVAC Rebates Work?

You may be wondering how exactly HVAC rebates work. A rebate is a cashback offer that you are entitled to after purchasing a certain HVAC unit. Rebates might be offered by a manufacturer as an incentive to buy their brand, or they may be offered by the government or a utility company to incentivize you to buy a more energy efficient unit. Rebates are subject to certain terms and conditions, so it’s important to get more information about certain HVAC rebates to understand which rebates you are eligible for.

Los Angeles HVAC Rebates

Right now, Brody Pennell is helping our customers save big with two special rebates that are currently available for Los Angeles homeowners who purchase a new HVAC unit:

  • The Carrier Cool Cash rebate is available until November with the eligible purchase of a Carrier unit. These rebates can save you up to $1,650 depending on the unit you buy. Carrier HVAC rebates are easy to submit online, so you can get the cash back as fast as possible.
  • The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is also offering rebates for LADWP customers that help offset some of the costs of keeping their AC units in top shape. This includes up to $1,200 instant rebate with the purchase of an ENERGY STAR high-efficiency HVAC system. LADWP’s AC Optimization Program also provides a free central air conditioner tune-up through Brody Pennell and a free, smart learning thermostat. Restrictions apply. Visit https://www.ladwpactuneup.com/ for more details.

What are my HVAC financing options?

Even with these rebates and incentives, it can be hard to come up with thousands of dollars to buy a new unit. Instead, HVAC financing options can help you buy a new unit while prices are low, allowing you to pay a low monthly payment over time instead of trying to come up with the funds all at once.

At Brody Pennell Heating and Air Conditioning, we have financing options to help you secure the unit you want at the best possible price. We have interest free options to allow you enough time to pay for the unit without paying a ton of interest or fees, only the purchase price of the unit. Our flexible financing is designed to help customers who may not qualify to get financed in another way.

If you’re ready to get a high-quality HVAC unit at a low price, contact us today. We can inform you about all of the current HVAC system rebates and specials to help you save as much as possible.

Did you know that the average home in Los Angeles spends approximately $2000 a year on energy bills, which is mostly comprised of the home’s cooling bills. In fact, cooling can account for almost 60% of the total utility usage in your home.  

Fortunately, there are a few predictable ways that you may be losing energy while cooling your home. Below we explain further what you can do to stop losing energy while cooling your home.

Improperly Sized A/C or Other Cooling Systems

If you have a cooling system that is either too large or too small for your home, then it may be having trouble keeping up with properly cooling the square footage of your home, requiring your system to expend more energy than needed. If you have the incorrect sized cooling system, consider replacing it with a better fit. This way you will lose far less energy and your system will have a longer and more effective lifespan.

Improperly Insulated Attics

Your attic is probably the most important place in your home to worry about proper insulation. Since the attic is essentially a giant empty space in your home, it has a tendency to draw cooled air up and out if there are holes, gaps, or weak insulation. By having your attic properly insulated, you can rest assured that your conditioned air will stay exactly where it should be.

Holes and Gaps in Exterior Walls

Even though they are small and even sometimes undetectable to the eye, any holes, gaps, or leaks in exterior walls can cause a major influx in energy costs. This is because any gaps or holes draw out cool air from the indoors and allow warmer outdoor air to sneak inside. Be sure to check your walls thoroughly for any areas where outdoor air may be able to come in, and seal these areas up immediately.

Drafty Windows, Doors and Floorboards

Another area where you should be mindful of any leaks, drafts, gaps or holes, is around doors, windows and floorboards. Easily check for drafts or leaks around these areas by slowly running a lit incense stick or candle closely around the perimeter of your home. If you notice the smoke or flame quickly divert towards the opposite direction, that means there is a draft. Do an inventory around these areas and check for any old or worn weatherproofing or caulking and replace with new as needed.

Neglecting Regular HVAC  Maintenance

Having your cooling system checked out by a professionally trained HVAC technician is crucial to keeping your system in proper working order. A system that hasn’t had regular maintenance doesn’t only operate inefficiently, it also is at risk for broken parts or premature breakdown.

If you’re in need for a maintenance check on your cooling system, call us today at 310-836-0606. We’ve been serving the L.A. area for over 70 years, so we know a thing or two about keeping comfortable in the Greater Los Angeles area.

For more information on how to keep your home cool and comfortable and energy efficient, check out these informative videos from Carrier. These cover everything you need to know, from what SEER means to how to improve the quality of your home’s indoor air.

Saving money is always good, especially if you are a homeowner and your home is most likely your biggest investment. One of the best ways to save money on home expenses is to lower your HVAC energy usage. By reducing the energy that is needed to run your HVAC system, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll increase the longevity and efficiency of the system itself. Truly, lowering your energy usage is a win-win situation.

How to Invest in Lowering HVAC Energy Usage

Below, we’ve put together some of the top ways that you can lower your HVAC energy usage by making small investments in your home. These simple steps can make a big impact on your overall energy costs while also helping you get more life out of your HVAC system.

At Brody Pennell, we focus on quality, value, and exceptional service. If you have more questions about HVAC energy efficiency or just your HVAC system in general, give us a call: 310-836-0606