If you’re thinking you’ll have to buy a new heating and cooling system soon, you may be looking at your budget and trying to figure out how much an HVAC installation will cost. This is the number one question we get from customers who are shopping around for a new air conditioning system.

The short answer is: it depends. A number of factors will influence the cost of your HVAC, such as type of system and who you hire. As a homeowner making a big investment, it’s critical that you understand these factors if you are price shopping. Two quotes may look similar, but contain totally different HVAC systems. So, it’s important to understand what goes into a quoted price for HVAC installations. Here are the three main factors that will definitely change your AC replacement pricing.

1. Equipment Size and Features

All air conditioners are not built equally! The first and most important factor in your HVAC system cost will be the size of your unit. HVAC systems are sized by a unit called tons – with most homes ranging in size between 2 Tons to 5 Tons. You might think your new HVAC unit needs to be the same size as your old unit. Before you go down that road, ask yourself some questions. Have your AC reliably been cooling your space to your desired temperature? If not, you may need a larger size. Are you expecting to do any add-ons or other renovations that may require more spaces in your home to be heated or cooled? If so, you may consider up sizing. Have you noticed your AC turning on and off repeatedly, only running for a few minutes at a time? In this case, your HVAC may be too large for your space – and this short cycling can run up your energy bills and shorten the life span of your unit! So, having a professional help you choose the right system size is important.

With the advancement of HVAC product development, you can install a very feature-rich heating and air conditioning system in your home. Before speaking with a contractor to get a quote, you might consider what is most important to you in an air conditioning system. Do you want technology features such as high-tech controllers, or setting temperature with a smartphone app? Or, are you looking for an energy-efficient system, something that will reduce your monthly energy bills. Zoning systems such as ductless technology can add next-level comfort to your home allowing for a different setpoint in every room. Or perhaps you are looking for the most affordable system on the market. Different air conditioning systems offer a variety of different features. As recognized experts in HVAC, we can help you narrow down the systems available and provide you with a recommendation that meets your needs.

2. Difficulty Level of Project

The project difficulty of an HVAC installation will also impact how much your total cost. For example, you may need to replace old or leaky ductwork, which would make the project much more challenging than a standard equipment replacement. The result? Your project cost will be significantly more than if you’re just getting a new A/C installed.

Something else that impacts project difficulty is your home’s age. Many beautiful, historic homes will require an HVAC replacement at one point or another, especially if you’re thinking about selling your home. The cost of these HVAC projects may be higher, because getting a modern system installed around a historic home’s features can be a very time and labor intensive project. Newer homes are built with heating and air conditioning systems in mind, and that will be reflected in the quoted price.

Most homeowners won’t be familiar with how difficult of a project their HVAC replacement may be. That’s where an experienced HVAC contractor comes in. You will want to consult with a respected Los Angeles HVAC company to understand the requirements of your project and the costs. After performing a walk-through of your house and getting to know more about your needs and preferences, they will be able to give you an accurate quote on the project costs.

3. Quality of HVAC Contractor

This installation cost of an HVAC will also depend on the HVAC company you decide to work with. Before choosing the company that offers the lowest price, do your research on what to look for in an HVAC contractor. Working with a less than reputable company can have major consequences that will cost you more in the long run.

It is important that your HVAC is properly installed, because if it not then you will not realize the promised performance of the system. Longer term, a poor installation may result in more maintenance and repairs as well as higher energy bills. In short: you’ll wind up with higher costs than if you had just hired a well regarded and experienced HVAC contractor in the first place.

At Brody Pennell, we receive calls all the time from customers with installations gone poorly seeking our help and guidance. We know the additional costs and frustrations that an improper installation can lead to. If you want the best installation quality possible, work with a reputable HVAC company that has years of experience installing new heating and cooling systems in the Southern California area.

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Spring is just around the corner in Los Angeles, which means that summer isn’t far behind. If you have been thinking about replacing your air conditioning system, now is the best time to look into HVAC system replacement. There’s no need to wait until the summer when you will need your AC most. Instead, take advantage of the benefits or replacing your air conditioner in the spring. Below, we’ll talk more about why you need to replace your AC before summer.

Better Energy Efficiency

The summers in Los Angeles can get downright toasty! And most L.A. homeowners are turning to their air conditioned home to find a little relief from the south California heat. Replacing your AC before you intend to use it most often in the summer allows you to benefit from improved HVAC efficiency all season long.

It’s no secret that a brand new quality air conditioner is going to be more efficient than your older unit. In fact, you can even choose to purchase a system that has a higher SEER rating to get the best efficiency on the market. With a more energy efficient unit, you can reduce your energy waste during the times when you’re using your AC the most. This helps you save more on energy costs over time (and it’s not too bad for the environment either!)

Lower Repair Costs

If your current air conditioner seems to be on its last leg, then there’s a good chance that you may have experienced increased repair needs in the last few years. Why not get your system replaced before you plan to use it most often? This helps you lower your repair costs during the summer while also avoiding a total system breakdown, which is not only costly but can leave you sweating during the warm summer months.

Many customers ask us when they should replace their system instead of simply repair it. Though there is no one right answer for every homeowner, as a general rule of thumb, you should replace your air conditioner if the repair costs are starting to add up and will soon surpass the cost to replace. Though replacing your HVAC system is a considerable investment, it’s well worth it when breakdowns and malfunctions start to become the norm.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

As HVAC systems get older, they have a harder time maintaining healthy humidity levels and moving clean and fresh smelling air throughout your home. If you notice that this is an issue with your air conditioner, it’s time to replace it. When it starts to warm up in the summer, it will be more important than ever to have proper humidity control. Stale air and increased moisture levels can cause serious indoor air quality issues in your home, which can start to impact your family’s health and comfort.

By getting a new air conditioner before the summer hits, you can benefit from improved indoor air quality. Newer AC units have improved IAQ features that help control humidity and the flow of air throughout your home. Not to mention, newer systems also work with other air quality add-ons that you may opt for like an air purifier or dehumidifier. By installing a new system in the spring, you can benefit from better indoor air quality and comfort before things start to heat up in the summer.

More Time to Research Options

Installing a new air conditioning system is a major investment. We know that it’s an important and tough decision for most Los Angeles homeowners. That’s why we recommend getting your AC replaced before the summer. That way, you aren’t rushing to make a decision on which home comfort system is right for your home. You have time to do your research, compare prices, and find the best equipment for your home comfort needs.

Instead of waiting until your old AC breaks down in the middle of summer, be proactive about your replacement needs. Make a list of what you are looking for in a new air conditioner and consider your budget for replacement. Check out different brands, and take some time to talk to the Brody Pennell team. Our experienced home comfort specialists know a thing or two about air conditioners, and we’d love to work with you to find the right one to fit your needs.

Stay Cool in the L.A. Summer Heat

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to replace your air conditioner before the summer is so that you can stay comfortable during the hottest season of the year. When the temperatures start to rise in L.A., you need a cool and comfortable place to retreat to. And that place should be your home. If you have an old or malfunctioning AC, it may be hard to get your home comfortable and enjoy yourself during the summer.

Summer is when most HVAC companies experience a higher amount of repair calls since most homeowners are cranking up the ACs to avoid the heat. By replacing your air conditioning system in the spring, you can avoid the rush of repair calls, which could delay your AC installation. Instead of being among the homeowners who are experiencing a system breakdown, you could be enjoying the comfort of your own home with a brand new air conditioning system.

Los Angeles Air Conditioning Installation

Don’t want to be caught without a working AC this summer? Now is the time to replace your aging air conditioner. The expert HVAC technicians at Brody Pennell are ready to help you select the air conditioning system that meets your home comfort needs and provide expert installation. We also offer a variety of HVAC accessories to help with all areas of indoor air quality and home comfort.

What are you waiting for? Summer is just around the corner, and your AC needs attention now! Call us today to learn more about your options for new air conditioning installation: (310) 896-4911.

Are you in the market for a new HVAC system in 2019? Though choosing the right heater and air conditioner for your home can seem like a daunting task, it is important that you do your research and find a system that will be able to meet your home comfort needs now and in the future. Below, we’ve put together a quick guide to choosing a new HVAC system and finding the right HVAC contractor to provide expert installation.

Choosing a New HVAC System

With so many different brands and types of HVAC systems, the task of finding the best new heating and cooling system for your home may seem a little daunting. But have no fear! We are here to help decipher the different factors that you’ll need to consider when choosing a new system.

HVAC Sizing

The sizing of your HVAC system plays an important role in how well you will be able to maintain home comfort over time. An oversized system may constantly be turning on and off, making your energy bills go through the roof. While a system that’s too small may not be able to keep you comfortable. Poorly sized HVAC systems may also experience additional wear and tear as they have to work harder to keep your space comfortable. Work with an experienced HVAC contractor to find the right sizing for your home.


You’ll also want to consider which features are important to you in a home comfort system. For example, some homeowners want to have greater control over their comfort, so they might opt for zoning or a smart thermostat. While others may be interested in including HVAC accessories as part of their home comfort set up such as humidifiers or air purifiers.


Different HVAC system brands denote different levels of quality. Similarly, different brands will offer different system types and features. At Brody Pennell, we recommend quality home comfort systems from Carrier – the industry’s leading manufacturer. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Brody Pennell ensures that all of our HVAC technicians are trained in installing and repairing these systems. Our home comfort specialists are also experienced in helping L.A. homeowners find the best systems to meet their home comfort needs.


Though price shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a new HVAC system, we know that it does play a part in which system you choose. Price will vary based on the type of system and brand. The best way to find a system that fits within your budget is to work with an HVAC company that has a wide selection of quality systems. Remember, there is always HVAC financing available to ensure that you get the best home comfort system to meet your family’s needs.

Finding an Experienced HVAC Contractor

Finding the right heater or air conditioner for your home is only half the battle. You’ve also got to find an experienced HVAC contractor who has experience installing new HVAC systems. Proper sizing and installation is an important part of getting the most out of your new heating and cooling system. And choosing an experienced HVAC contractor is the best way to ensure proper installation.

Here are just a few things to look for when searching for the best L.A. HVAC contractor for new system installation:


How long has your HVAC contractor been in business? A long history of consistent quality customer service shows homeowners that the HVAC contractor knows their stuff. Don’t just look at how long they have been open but also what they have done over time to ensure that their HVAC contractors have the training they need to stay up-to-date with the latest in HVAC technology.

Ratings & Reviews

What better way to understand what it’s like to work with an HVAC contractor than to hear from their past customers? Look for ratings, reviews, and testimonials on the company’s website as well as on sites like Google and Yelp. This will give you an idea of what the company is like and how they treat their customers. You should also check their rating and review complaints on Better Business Bureau.

Awards & Recognitions

The awards and recognitions that an HVAC company has been given can also give you a better idea of the quality of their service. In addition, it can tell you other things about the company that you can’t find anywhere else – like how dependable, honest, and ethical they are. Take a look at what awards the company has one locally and nationally to get a better feel for their integrity as a company.

Licenses & Insurance

At the very least, your HVAC contractor needs to have the appropriate state licenses and insurance. When you work with an uninsured contractor, you run the risk of losing money or incurring property damage when the company makes a major error. Not to mention, these licenses also show a basic level of HVAC competency that’s needed for new system installations.

Get Help Finding the Right HVAC System for Your Home

As the longest standing HVAC dealer in Los Angeles, Brody Pennell Heating & Air Conditioning has been helping L.A. homeowners find and install the right heating and cooling systems for their homes since 1945. Our HVAC technicians are experienced installing every make and model of HVAC system. Not to mention, we offer a selection of high quality Carrier brand heating and cooling systems that will keep your home comfortable for a decade or more!

More than installation, our team is also here to provide quality maintenance and repair services for the life of your HVAC system. From routine seasonal maintenance to simple and complex repairs, our HVAC technicians are standing by to keep your home comfortable year round. We also offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that you never have to go without quality home comfort.

If you want an HVAC system you can depend on with quality installation that’s done right the first time, the team at Brody Pennell is here for you. Give us a call today to speak to one of our home comfort specialists about which new HVAC system is right for your home: (310) 896-4911.

Most of the time, it’s not difficult to recognize when your AC might need repair. However, some air conditioning issues are a little more subtle than others. This leaves you to wonder whether you need to call in an HVAC technician for service or if the issue is all in your head. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of some of the top signs that your AC may need repair:

  1. Your AC isn’t blowing cool air.

Sometimes an air conditioning system won’t blow cool air even when it’s on full blast. If you find that the air coming from your air vents isn’t cold or isn’t as cold as it used to be, this may be a sign that your air conditioner is in need of repair.

A lack of cool air can point to a number of issues. For instance, your air conditioner’s compressor may have failed. The only way to know for sure why your air conditioning system is no longer blowing cool air is to call in a trained HVAC technician. He or she will diagnose your system and let you know which repairs are necessary.

  1. Your air conditioner is making strange sounds.

Another common sign that your AC may need repair is when it starts to make troubling noises. If you hear a grinding, grating noise or a squealing coming from your air conditioning system, this could be signaling that something is wrong with the unit. A grinding noise can point to issues with your AC motor. While squealing noise may point to a belt that has slipped out of place or a metal component in your unit that needs to be lubricated.

If you are hearing noises coming from your unit, it’s best to get your AC checked out as soon as possible as these sounds may indicate that your system is on the verge of a breakdown. When your AC is at the point that it might breakdown, the sooner you can get a diagnosis and repair, the less likely it will be that you have to replace the entire system. Holding off in repairs can also result in more costly fixes.

  1. Your AC unit emits foul smells.

Another common sign that your air conditioner needs repair is when foul or pungent smells start coming from your air conditioning vents. Usually, this means that your AC’s wire insulation has burned out. However, if you notice a musty smell this may indicate that there is mold or other issues in your ductwork that need to be taken care of immediately.

Again, the only way to know for sure what is causing these odors is to call in an HVAC professional. If you are not experienced with HVAC and try to diagnose and repair the issue yourself, you may cause even more damage to your system without actually finding and repairing the root cause of the problem you initially set out to fix!

Expert Los Angeles AC Repair

Are you experiencing one of the issues above? Now that summer is here, you won’t be able to keep your home comfortable for very long without a working air conditioner. Whether you are experiencing some issues or your AC just isn’t working as efficiently as it once was, it’s time to call in the experts at Brody Pennell for Los Angeles AC repair.

Our skilled HVAC technicians can have your air conditioner back up and running in no time. With our 24/7 emergency service, you never have to wait long to restore comfort in your Los Angeles home. Call today to schedule your repair service: (310) 896-4911.

Smell can be a key indicator of major HVAC system malfunctions. Irregular smells are great ways for home and business owners to self-diagnose certain issues. If you aren’t confident in your ability to properly identify an odd scent coming from your vent or unit, you’ll want to call an HVAC expert right away to ensure that you or your system are not at risk. If you can identify one of these odors, adhere to the advice given to prevent any health or system concerns.

Rotten Garbage

There can be many reasons why a foul smell is coming from your ductwork. As the longest standing Carrier dealer in LA, we have seen it all. From old food left from a builder in new construction homes, to dead animals, we have found any number of things in ductwork that can fester and create an unpleasant smell. While it’s not inherently dangerous, you’ll still want to give an HVAC tech a call to have whatever is causing the odor out of your ducts right away.


Your air conditioner acts as a natural dehumidifier, so it is fairly common for it to collect more water than it can hold over time. To prevent this unpleasant mildew smell, regularly replace your filter and have your system maintained. This will ensure that any signs of mold or mildew are cleared away and that your system is clean and dry.

Cigarette Smoke

If a current or former resident was a smoker indoors, the smoke would have been sucked up into the evaporator coil. Once this potent smell has been absorbed by the coil, it can blast the smell back into the home. All that is required is a thorough cleaning of the evaporator coil to prevent this problem further.

Stinky Feet

Similar to mildew collection, stagnant water caught within your HVAC system can create a foot odor smell. Simple maintenance can eliminate excess water and clean your system to rid your ducts of this unpleasant smell.


Raw sewage is not only an unpleasant smell, but it can also be an indication of a serious threat. If you are smelling sewage from your vents, there is a good chance that one of your sewage pipes has burst near your ductwork. This will leak toxic and combustible methane gas into your home. Do not expose yourself or others to the gas if at all possible and call both a plumber and HVAC contractor to ensure both systems are in working order.

Rotten Eggs

Inherently natural gas is odorless, this can make it a silent killer because it is very dangerous to our health to inhale. Gas companies have added a harmless chemical, mercaptan, to natural gas to help homeowners identify lethal leaks. If you notice a sulfur, rotten egg, smell, exit your home or building and call your gas company immediately.


If it smells like something is burning inside your home, don’t assume one of your neighbors are barbecuing. Rather, shut your system off immediately and check to see if the smell gets worse near the unit. If so, it could be a sign that your AC fan or compressor is malfunctioning. Have your system serviced before flipping it back on.

Exhaust Fumes

This smell is of course going to be more associated with gas powered equipment, such as a vehicle. That’s what makes it easier to identify for homeowners when this smell arises. If you start to smell exhaust fumes through your vents or around your unit, it could be an indication that your engine is leaking fluids. If this is the case, call an HVAC tech immediately.


If you’ve ever been to an old war reenactment or are a old gun enthusiast, you’ll know that gunpowder has a distinct smell. For those unfamiliar with gunpowder, it is a sulfuric, metallic smell that is not dissimilar to firework smoke. If this scent is coming from your vents, it could mean major problems for your system. It is a sign that your circuit board or fan motor has shorted out. To avoid further system damage or risks, call an HVAC technician immediately for servicing.

If you have any other questions that you want answered, or to address any of these mild or serious HVAC system issues, give Brody Pennell a call @ (310) 896-4911.

While air conditioning systems come in various designs, all of them share similar working components to cool your home while eliminating heat and moisture. Choosing the perfect one for your needs, however, will depend on several factors, including cost, application, and installation.

While air conditioning is not something always related to the learning environment, it actually plays a crucial, albeit indirect role. You might still recall how classrooms used to feel stuffy during the warm months and how you felt sleepy as your teacher droned on. In some cases, you’ve experienced discomfort throughout the day. Turns out, HVAC contractors say that part of these instances are not only caused by poor indoor air quality but unstable temperatures as well.

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As a responsible homeowner, it’s important to pay attention to all aspects of your living space, especially your air conditioning system. Just like your roof and gutters, it requires timely repair and maintenance to improve its efficiency, prolong its service life, and reduce the risks of breakdowns.

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Is your HVAC system on the fritz? Sometimes your system just needs a simple repair, and other times, it makes more sense to replace your home’s HVAC system entirely. So how do you know when it’s actually time to upgrade your system?

Below are just a few signs that it’s time to replace your HVAC system:

You’re experiencing frequent breakdowns.

Have you gotten on a first name basis with your HVAC repairman because your HVAC system seems to be constantly in need of repair? Repair costs can quickly add up, so don’t continue to pay to repair a unit that is going to keep causing you stress and unexpected expenses. If your system is breaking down often, it might be in your best interest to replace the system completely. If your system is constantly malfunctioning, it’s probably not all that energy efficient, which means a new system will help further save you money on energy costs.

Your air conditioner is not energy efficient.

Have you ever looked at the SEER rating of your home’s air conditioning unit? If it has a low SEER rating (anything under 13), then it is more likely than not costing you far more money just to operate than is necessary. Even if your system’s SEER rating is at 13-15, it may be smart to consider an upgrade. Today, federal regulations require that an A/C has a rating of at least 13, but anything over that number means that energy efficiency just increases as the SEER rating increases.

Your HVAC system is over ten years old.

A well maintained HVAC system should last between 10 to 13 years, so if your system is over 10 years old, it probably makes sense to replace it. With the numerous developments in HVAC technology over the past ten years, HVAC systems have only become increasingly more efficient. For that reason, there are a lot of benefits to installing a new HVAC system over hanging onto an older one. Even if your system is still running, you could achieve better energy efficiency, and therefore energy savings, by upgrading to a new model.

Home comfort is compromised.

Is it difficult for your HVAC system to keep your home warm during the winter and comfortably cool during the summer? If so, you could have an aging or incorrectly sized HVAC system on your hands. Whether it’s a sizing issue or simply old age, an ineffective HVAC system cannot appropriately provide you with adequate home comfort. If your system is running continuously, but your home is not comfortable, then it may be smart to consider an HVAC replacement.

You’re paying high repair costs.

If you’ve recently experienced a malfunction in your HVAC system that will require a very expensive fee to fix, then it may be smarter to just invest in a new HVAC system. Before making this call, weigh the cost of the repair against the cost of a new unit and consider the age of your system (how many more years until you’ll just have to replace it anyways). If the repair cost is super high, it may make far more sense financially to just replace it.

Need HVAC Replacement in West Hollywood?

If you live in the West Hollywood area and are considering an HVAC replacement, get in touch with the experts at Brody Pennell. Whether you have concerns about replacing your home’s HVAC system, or if you have questions about the replacement process and would like to speak to one of our expert technicians, we can help. Call us today at 310-836-0606.

Can You Add a Boiler to a Home with an Air Conditioner?

It’s a common misunderstanding: most people aren’t sure whether or not their houses can run both an A/C and a Boiler system at the same time. Since they both have totally different functions, they will consume power in unique ways, so the main concern is not whether they will actually function, but how much extra cost this will add to their utility bills. Yet, if you do it correctly, adding an Air Conditioner System to a home with a Boiler can be an excellent investment.

3 Options for Ideal A/C and Boiler Functioning

  1. Mini Split Set-Up

In an A/C system with a mini split set-up, the condenser exists on the outside while the cooler remains on the inside of the home. Not only is this an affordable option, but you also don’t have to worry at all about maintaining ductwork.

  1. Ductwork System

Your next option is one that utilizes ductwork in the home, mainly through the attic or in the basement. The ducts in these systems transport the cold air that is generated in the space that houses the ductwork to the other areas in your home you would like to keep cool through registers and/or other vents. You can also heat a home with a ductwork system, which allows you to distribute hot and cold air through one unit, rather than two separate units.

  1. High Velocity Attic Air System

If you feel that ductwork is too invasive or space consuming and would like something smaller and more manageable, then consider a high velocity attic air system. Instead of ducts, it utilizes smaller and more manageable tubes. These small tubes are more efficient in transporting cool air to each room and are completely silent during operation. In addition, compared to the ductwork systems, the high velocity attic air systems look more aesthetically appealing in construction. These systems are a bit pricier than the above options, but you will come away with more efficiency (and money savings on your utility bills!) in the long run.

Smart Synchronizing

So, as you see, it is possible to have an air conditioning system and boiler in one house without compromising the function of the other. A good tip is to install them relatively far away from each other and make sure that they don’t share any components, such as ductwork.

If you found this article helpful, then be sure to follow our blog so that you can keep up with more homes related tips, including A/C related advice and information. We’ve been serving the Beverly Hills and surrounding areas for over 65 years and know a great deal about HVAC systems. We’re here to help you learn how to have better cooling and heating within your home, and are available to answer your questions directly, or provide an in home evaluation. Call us today with any questions! (310) 836-0606.