We get it: maintenance is a boring thing to spend your hard-earned cash on. But regular HVAC maintenance really is necessary to ensure long term performance. With a well-maintained air conditioning and heating system, you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs, prevent uncomfortable nights with a broken AC system, and delay the purchase of a new system entirely.

Because we think regular maintenance is so beneficial, Brody Pennell offers homeowners in Los Angeles an HVAC maintenance contract to provide this regular service. When you join our maintenance plan, you’ll receive two tune-up visits a year, plus these other benefits:

Get Treated like a VIP

Our maintenance agreement customers get the blue carpet treatment. We know not everyone can be available during weekdays, so we offer extended hours on weekdays and weekend visits to customers that participate in our maintenance plan.  And in case of an emergency – our maintenance agreement customers shoot to the top of our list of homes to service.

Lower Utility Bills

By investing in the performance of your HVAC system, you are also ensuring your energy bills will stay low. Regular preventative maintenance will help ensure that your system is operating as-intended… that is, efficiently! In fact, you can achieve as much as 95 percent of the original efficiency when you keep your system regularly maintained.

Keep your Warranty in Check

With the regular visits checking in on your heating and cooling equipment, Brody Pennell is able to help our Los Angeles HVAC customers validate their manufacturer’s warranties. This is important in case of breakdowns later on. Plus, the Brody Pennell maintenance agreement includes warranties on all repairs, parts, and labor completed under the agreement for 12 months.

Cash in on Discounts

By participating in our maintenance program, you’ll receive promotional pricing on other HVAC products and services.

  • 10% discount on heating and air conditioning repairs
  • 10% discount on heating and cooling equipment
  • 10% discount on air quality accessories such as air cleaners, humidifiers, duct cleaning, and more

Are you ready to join our maintenance program? Call us today to sign up and save: (310) 896-4911.

Download Our Free HVAC Inspection Checklist

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  • I appreciate that this post explained one of the benefits of a regularly maintained HVAC system is lower utility bills. It makes sense that doing so prevents us from burning through our pocket as the contractor will ensure our HVAC functioning at its optimum level while preventing any damages. The other day I noticed my HVAC system has been making loud noises and I think I will call a contractor to have it inspected and repaired.

  • It’s interesting that you mention that hiring someone to perform maintenance on your air conditioning can help lower your energy bills. My energy bills have been very high lately, so I’m thinking about hiring a professional to service my air conditioning system. I’m going to look for a good business in my area that offers air conditioning maintenance services.

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  • It’s interesting that you mention that having maintenance performed on your air conditioning system regularly can help reduce your energy bills. I’d like to lower my cooling costs, so I’m considering having my air conditioning serviced by a professional this year. I’m going to look for a reputable business in the area that offers air conditioning maintenance services.

  • Do you feel something is not right with your HVAC systems? Your air conditioning, cooling heating units, or the HVAC System might need repairs to keep your HVAC system working. If your HVAC systems often need repairs and highly consume utility bills it may be time to consider HVAC replacements. Congressional HVAC specializes in existing HVAC systems and HVAC replacements.

  • It’s valuable that you mention that having maintenance performed on your air conditioning can help reduce your utility bills. I want to get my energy bills as low as possible, so I’m thinking about hiring a professional to service my air conditioning this year. I’m going to look for a good provider of air conditioning maintenance services in the area that I can hire.

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