You might have heard of a recently developed technological innovation called a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, which lets you control your home’s temperature with commands sent through your Internet modem. One of the best examples of this new temperature control technology is the Cor thermostat from Carrier. Here’s a rundown of some of the main features of this device.

Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostat Basics

All of the Wi-Fi-enabled devices you commonly use (including your smartphones, computers and tablets) connect to the Web through an Internet protocol (IP) component that sends and receives wireless Internet signals. A Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat works through the same type of setup. It allows you to remotely control your thermostat and (in some cases) carry out a number of additional tasks and commands. The range of available actions varies according to the specific type of thermostat you buy.

The Carrier Cor Thermostat’s Main Features

The Carrier Cor features a color touch screen that issues context-specific prompts and instructions during use. You can use this screen or your smartphone, tablet or computer to do such things as program your household temperature settings for the next seven days, create single-step commands that change multiple temperature settings at once, and “tell” the thermostat to adjust temperatures on its own as indoor conditions change. In addition, you can set a fixed heating/cooling schedule and sync the device with other Carrier heat and humidity control systems.

Using the Cor Apps

Carrier lets you use a selection of custom apps to wirelessly control the Cor thermostat. This selection includes separate app versions designed specifically for Apples and Windows computer users, as well as Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users. Each version lets you access the thermostat in a technology setting you’re already familiar with.

Adaptability to Your Current System

Homes throughout America contain a broad range of heating and cooling systems. The Cor thermostat is designed to integrate smoothly with a very high percentage of these systems. This built-in adaptability greatly eases the process of connecting the thermostat to your current heating/cooling setup.

Thermostat Updates

Like many Wi-Fi-enabled devices, the Carrier Cor can easily receive manufacturer updates that add new functions or iron out any significant bugs. The Cor adds to your convenience by automating the update process and ensuring that you have the latest software version installed.


The Cor thermostat is designed for professional installation by an HVAC specialist. A professional installation ensures that your new thermostat will work properly from the beginning and immediately enhance your household comfort and convenience.

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