The Test That Has People Breathing Fresh Clean Indoor Air

Until recently most people have thought that pollution was found primarily in outdoor air. Now that the EPA has discovered that the indoor air can be equally as dangerous, many people are starting to hear more about indoor air quality. Some people are left wondering what is indoor air quality, and how it will affect

Consumers Digest® Best Buy: Consumer Confidence Reflection Of Carrier HVAC Products

Consumers Digest® Best Buy is globally recognized as a source of credible analysis for consumer products performance. The ‘Best Buy’ category particularly lists the best products available in the market, based on customer reviews and a product’s ability to measure up to expected service delivery. It’s a highly competitive award, given to less than 3%

Reducing Heating Costs In Winter

November has arrived and with it, colder temperatures. Many parts of the country have already experienced winter weather and snow. Now is the time to start thinking about ways to reduce energy cost in winter. There are several ways that homeowners and apartment dwellers can stay warm and still keep heating energy costs down. Homeowners

Air Conditioning: Makes Lives Better!

In our everyday life we use innumerable gizmos without even knowing how they actually work. It is not necessary for us to know it either. Air Conditioner is just another such wonder of science. If it is hot in the room, you just press the switch and there you get coolness. Apart from providing coolness,

The Five Most Common Furnace And Heating Problems

Having a problem with your HVAC system and dealing with unbearable hot or cool temperatures in your home can be a nightmare. When it comes to your heating or cooling system not functioning properly, most HVAC contractors will tell you that one of these five problems could be the culprit, or part of the problem.

The Annual Furnace Exam: Why It’s So Important?

The efficiency of a furnace can be highly increased with an annual furnace maintenance exercise, rather than waiting for the furnace to break down before you call an HVAC contractor. Regular check-ups can detect potential problematic areas that can be easily rectified through cleaning, lubrication, repair or even replacement. Furnace maintenance keeps your furnace operating

Signs You Will Notice When Your Furnace Is Not Working Properly

Most homeowners realize when their furnace is trying to tell them that there is a problem. Furnace Warning Signs will start to become obvious, and homeowners should never ignore or delay checking into these signs. Some of the problems with a heating system are easy to solve without the help of an HVAC professional. When

How To Find A Reliable HVAC Contractor

With the seasons changing, it is more important than ever to make sure you have a heating and cooling contractor you can count on for all of your HVAC needs. Whether you are getting ready for the winter heating season or you need to take care of end of summer air conditioning maintenance, a reputable

A/C Maintenance That’s Important To Complete Before The End Of The Summer Season

During the winter months, the air conditioning system stays dormant as homeowners run their heating systems. Therefore, as the summer season winds down and the warm weather retreats, homeowners tend to use their air conditioners less and less, making it the perfect time for the end of summer air conditioning maintenance. An end of summer

When Are Minimum HVAC Efficiency Standards Going To Increase?

In 2009, efforts were made by the Department of Energy to increase the AFUE or annual fuel utilization efficiency for HVAC equipment. The push to increase minimum AFUE to 90 was based on the need to reduce energy consumption. While the change from a minimum 78 AFUE to a higher AFUE of 90 would definitely