Energy Saving Tips For Winter

With rising energy costs, it is vital that energy consumption is checked and only appropriate usage is made. However, saving energy cost may not be easy unless you know the measures and practices to save it. If you are able to minimize energy wastage, a lot of your energy will be saved and as a

Top Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you are looking for ways to improve air quality, then you came to the right place. This article provides information on how to clean your air based on the latest scientific studies. Three of the most basic ways to clean indoor air are; use of air cleaners, improving ventilation in your home or office

What Causes Heating Systems To Shut Off Frequently?

Why does my heater keep shutting off? A common question homeowners might ask is, “Why does my heater keep shutting off?” To answer that question it is important to first understand the normal functioning of a heating system. The average on/off cycle for a heating system is three to six times an hour. If a

Finding The Right BTU For An Air Conditioner

There is no single best air conditioner. The right one will depend on where and how it will be used. The size of the room is a major consideration. If the room is fairly small, then installing a large powerful unit will be overkill. If the room is too big, then a modest unit may

What Does SEER Mean?

What does SEER mean? SEER is defined as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. SEER indicates the amount of energy that is needed to supply a certain cooling output. In addition, SEER is a seasonal average; one that is measured over a range of conditions. In comparison, EER is measured at one set of conditions. It is

Does My House Need Surge Protection For The HVAC System

A couple of years back, you only needed surge protection for electronic items such as a big-screen TV or an expensive music system. Nowadays, the number of items using printed circuit boards has increased and you have more to worry about. Lightning and power grid issues can cause power surges, which can destroy your electronic

Can Air Conditioning Be Installed At Any Time Of The Year?

In today’s world, air conditioning is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity considering the easy availability of air conditioning devices and the reasonable price tags of such devices. These days, air conditioners are quite common in homes as well as offices. They provide one a favorable indoor atmosphere during times when the weather

The Test That Has People Breathing Fresh Clean Indoor Air

Until recently most people have thought that pollution was found primarily in outdoor air. Now that the EPA has discovered that the indoor air can be equally as dangerous, many people are starting to hear more about indoor air quality. Some people are left wondering what is indoor air quality, and how it will affect

Consumers Digest® Best Buy: Consumer Confidence Reflection Of Carrier HVAC Products

Consumers Digest® Best Buy is globally recognized as a source of credible analysis for consumer products performance. The ‘Best Buy’ category particularly lists the best products available in the market, based on customer reviews and a product’s ability to measure up to expected service delivery. It’s a highly competitive award, given to less than 3%

Reducing Heating Costs In Winter

November has arrived and with it, colder temperatures. Many parts of the country have already experienced winter weather and snow. Now is the time to start thinking about ways to reduce energy cost in winter. There are several ways that homeowners and apartment dwellers can stay warm and still keep heating energy costs down. Homeowners