Brody Pennell Wins Carrier’s Presidents Award for the Ninth Consecutive Year

We are one of only three Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers in all of North America to win Carrier’s Prestigious Presidents Award, are one of only three Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers in all of North America to win Carrier’s Prestigious Presidents Award for nine consecutive years award for nine consecutive years.

High Winds Across The United States Affecting Indoor Air Quality

The air conditioning is an important aspect of a home. It keeps the family warm during the colder months of winter and offers a cool environment in the hot periods of summer. However, the climate can affect the AC system, leading to broken parts, malfunctioning and even health issues. Wind is one of the major weather elements that can affect the indoor air quality greatly. Moving high winds blow dust, dirt and other debris into the evaporator coils of the AC, and then circulates throughout the system’s ductwork.

The Effect on Home Air Quality
There is a lot of science that goes on once the debris is circulating in the ductwork, but the result is that it affects the indoor air quality negatively, which in turn leads to poor health. Millions of Americans are suffering from allergies because of airborne contaminants, many of which are located in the indoor environment. In fact, according to the latest statistics, in a typical home, the indoor environment contains 70% more air contaminants than the outside environment. Some of the pollutants typically found in the air duct include dirt, dust, pollen, fungus, and mold.

Reasons for HVAC Vent Cleaning
Most people go not understand the importance of cleaning the vents; however, the truth is that it matters especially with the recent high winds that are blowing from coast to coast. Some of the reasons for duct cleaning include:
• Prevent allergic reactions: If one inhales polluted indoor air for so long, one will begin experiencing some allergic reactions. These reactions vary from person to person, and one may not even be aware he or she has an infection until the condition becomes worse. Some of the symptoms include headaches, dry eyes, hay fever, nasal congestion and dry skin. These conditions are not only irritating, but they are also potentially dangerous. One may also experience serious respiratory conditions such as emphysema and asthma. The dirty air duct is a breeding ground for germs, bacterial and mold.
• Bad odor: Wind can blow insects and other tiny animals into the air duct. These insects may then die there and begin to rot, giving off a bad smell. The situation is worse if there is mildew or mold.
• Improve efficiency: The efficiency of a AC system depends on how clean it is. If dust and dirt accumulate in the air duct, it hinders the flow of air and puts a strain on the system, which also leads to high energy bills.

It is therefore important to invest in duct cleaning, maintenance and Indoor Air Quality Testing services to ensure that the home is comfortable and healthy to live in.