Want to Go Green? Follow These 8 Social Media Accounts

While most people want to live healthy and sustainable lifestyles it is often very difficult to do so. Mostly it is because they do not have the right information. Other times the information and advice available is too extreme to be followed at beginner level. It is important to find simple practical information that leaves you feeling inspired to act rather than freaked out! We have compiled a list of green bloggers who will help you make the transition smoothly and successfully.

8 Green Bloggers That Can Help You Live a Greener Life

1. The Greenists

This blog has a very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. The Greenists is focused on environmental sustainability. It shows its readers how to make simple life changes that have great positive impact on the environment. They cover beauty, food, home care and pets. The beauty of this blog is that its advice is very simple and hence easily actionable.

2. Reduce Footprints

As the name suggests Reduce Footprints focuses on reducing our Eco footprint. It focuses more on community level actions and how together we can change the world. It keeps its readers informed of what the rest of the world is doing to make the world a better place as well as any new threats to the environment.

3. Groovy Green Livin

This is a great blog that is focused on how to live a natural life. It focuses on the products we consume in our day to day life. These include natural personal care products like sunscreen and lotion. It also includes natural and safe products for our pets as well. It has several ‘how to’ articles on how to make most of these products.

4. EnviroGadget

EnviroGadget has a really cool theme behind it. The blog provides its readers and customers with environment friendly gadgets. They have an online Eco Gadget shop where you can find gadgets that are not only efficient but also protect the environment. The also talk about the latest trends in Eco-friendly technology.

5. Eco Mama’s Guide to Living Green

This is a day to day guide on green living. It shares great ideas on how we can live sustainable lives through our food and the products we use to take care of our bodies and our homes. Eco Mama also shares product reviews on Eco-friendly products and discusses the latest news and trends regarding the environment.

6. Green Living Guy

Seith Leitman is the Green Living Guy. He keeps his readers informed on the effects of decisions and activities of the corporate world on the environment’s well being. He backs up his information with well researched statistics and evidence. If you want to get an informed view on the effects of corporations and the government on the environment the Green Living Guy is who you need to be following.

7. Tiny Farm Blog

This is another awesome blog. As the name suggests it is about farming. Tiny Farm Blog gives you simple reliable advice that you can use in your garden. It covers just about every step of the growing process so if you are thinking of growing your own food start following this blog. The great thing about it is the wide variety of crops covered so almost everyone can get great advice here.

8. My Zero Waste

Waste management is a very big part of environmental conservation. My Zero Waste is a family blog that seeks to minimize waste from our homes. It gives several useful tips on how to reduce our overall consumption. It also teaches how to reuse what we can and recycle our waste into products that add value to lives. It is definitely worth following!

The truth is going green is not very easy. You are going to need determination, perseverance and moral support to make it a lifestyle. We hope that these green bloggers and social media accounts will give you forums where you can chat with like-minded individuals and get the moral support you need.

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High Winds Across The United States Affecting Indoor Air Quality

The air conditioning is an important aspect of a home. It keeps the family warm during the colder months of winter and offers a cool environment in the hot periods of summer. However, the climate can affect the AC system, leading to broken parts, malfunctioning and even health issues. Wind is one of the major weather elements that can affect the indoor air quality greatly. Moving high winds blow dust, dirt and other debris into the evaporator coils of the AC, and then circulates throughout the system’s ductwork.

The Effect on Home Air Quality
There is a lot of science that goes on once the debris is circulating in the ductwork, but the result is that it affects the indoor air quality negatively, which in turn leads to poor health. Millions of Americans are suffering from allergies because of airborne contaminants, many of which are located in the indoor environment. In fact, according to the latest statistics, in a typical home, the indoor environment contains 70% more air contaminants than the outside environment. Some of the pollutants typically found in the air duct include dirt, dust, pollen, fungus, and mold.

Reasons for HVAC Vent Cleaning
Most people go not understand the importance of cleaning the vents; however, the truth is that it matters especially with the recent high winds that are blowing from coast to coast. Some of the reasons for duct cleaning include:
• Prevent allergic reactions: If one inhales polluted indoor air for so long, one will begin experiencing some allergic reactions. These reactions vary from person to person, and one may not even be aware he or she has an infection until the condition becomes worse. Some of the symptoms include headaches, dry eyes, hay fever, nasal congestion and dry skin. These conditions are not only irritating, but they are also potentially dangerous. One may also experience serious respiratory conditions such as emphysema and asthma. The dirty air duct is a breeding ground for germs, bacterial and mold.
• Bad odor: Wind can blow insects and other tiny animals into the air duct. These insects may then die there and begin to rot, giving off a bad smell. The situation is worse if there is mildew or mold.
• Improve efficiency: The efficiency of a AC system depends on how clean it is. If dust and dirt accumulate in the air duct, it hinders the flow of air and puts a strain on the system, which also leads to high energy bills.

It is therefore important to invest in duct cleaning, maintenance and Indoor Air Quality Testing services to ensure that the home is comfortable and healthy to live in.